APF Foresight Evaluation Task Force Report

The APF Foresight Evaluation Task Force is pleased to provide its Report, Building Field and Foresight Practitioner Evaluation Capacity.  Drawing on the broad and deep expertise of 24 Task Force members—foresight practitioners, evaluators, and corporate and public sector representatives—

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The UNESCO Futures Literacy and Foresight team has been engaged in co-designing capacity building activities with stakeholders around  the world, working with government ministries, UN agencies and community groups to advance abilities to creatively ‘use-the-future’ to address contemporary global challenges.

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Futures Publications – Journals

There are several peer-reviewed academic and professional journals dedicated to reporting, discussing and analysing issues of relevance to futures researchers, practitioners and students. There are also some futures-oriented magazines below. 

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Futures Publications – Monographs

The Australian Foresight Institute Monograph Series was published from 2003 to 2006. In addition to the soft cover edition shown here the series was collected and re-published in a hard cover library edition in 2007. These publications were part of a research program on Creating and Sustaining Social Foresight that was supported by the Pratt Foundation, Melbourne, to whom grateful acknowledgment is due.

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Podcasts & Newsletters


FuturePod gathers voices from the international field of Futures and Foresight. Launched on 18 December 2018 by the WFSF Full member, Peter HAYWARD and his colleagues, they are bringing this podcast series to the world. With an initial focus on Melbourne-based practitioners, they gradually expanded their use of computer-based recording technology to allow a global reach for the interviews. This greatly increased the range for potential interviewees and also their interested audience.Through a series of podcast interviews, the founders of the field and emerging leaders share their stories, tools and experiences.

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WFSF Archive Collections


A vast amount of high quality research and workshop material has been developed over our 50 years. However, much of it is still dispersed across several places because of the global and now virtual nature of our organization.

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