Futures Studies Education – Introduction

Since 1975 WFSF has offered courses to young people around the world introducing them to the concepts and methods of the futures studies field. [READ MORE HERE]

The World Futures Studies Federation now offers its standards to institutions interested in achieving accreditation in futures studies. Institutions offering programs that meet the Federation’s standards will be credentialed as an Accredited Foresight Programme. [READ MORE HERE]

Numerous websites provide useful information for pursuing education and training in futures & foresight. Sharing the lists below is just for information purposes and WFSF has NOT yet given accreditation to any of these programs:

Global List of Universities offering Master and PhD degrees in Foresight 

Future Forward 

UN Global Pulse Foresight Training 

Governance Foresight Program, Public Policy Simulations

Global Futures Education


The Futures School

Where to learn futures studies? 

Foresight Graduate Programs 

University Foresight Degree and Programs 

Erasmus+ Project 

Foresight Essentials 

Executive Program


PhD Degree in Futures Research