WFSF and Futures TV/Radio

A partnership between WFSF and Futures TV to promote Futures Studies and the WFSF agenda.

The new mass media project – Futures Television ( – is a futures studies specific channel that will start broadcasting via Roku TV. Roku has a 180 Million subscriber base — a platform to distribute futures related content free of charge to the masses.

WFSF will make available the President, the Executive Board Members, the Director, and the President’s designates to appear in interviews for the magazine, podcast, live stream and the TV channel with the aim of the promotion of the WFSF brand and image worldwide, futures studies methodology, scholarly papers, books, and other related media shows.

Futures Television will work to promote the WFSF and its agenda. They will feature individual and institutional members of the WFSF, promote the WFSF world conferences, public relations efforts, and the WFSF Human Futures Magazine content through a combination of postings, interviews, written copy and supporting programing.

The future is arriving faster than we expected! Radio Futures is dedicated to bringing the latest – and greatest – futures’ related content available anywhere in the world. 

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