Apply for WFSF Membership

WFSF offers several categories of membership including Individual (Full, Associate or Student) and Institutional Membership. Members are required to pay an annual membership fee. (SEE BELOW).

When you complete our online form and pay the allocated fees, our Director will then check your application with our Executive Board to make a final determination on the approval of membership level. If any adjustment needs to be made we will let you know.

Types of WFSF Membership

Individual Members (Full, Associate or Student)

Full Members
Persons active in the field of futures studies for at least two years who support the objectives, functions and activities of the Federation. To be considered please include evidence of experience in futures research, teaching or consulting activities AND endorsements from two current Full Members.

Persons who are committed to the purpose and work of the Federation but with insufficient experience in futures studies/research to qualify as Full Members may become Associate Members. The prescribed fee is the same for both and both have the same voting rights and privileges.

Key Difference between Full and Asscoiate category:

Your full or associate type of membership will be public on the Members Directory page of the website if you choose to be listed.
1/ Associate members cannot become candidates for board membership during elections.
2/ Total number of associate members has a quota percentage of all members each year.

Those with an interest in futures studies and enrolled for full- or part-time study at a University. Please outline your experience or interest in futures activities, duration of the course pursued and provide evidence of current enrolment at an accredited institution of higher education.

Institutional Members

National and international NGOs, academic bodies such as colleges and universities, government agencies, research institutions, business corporations, etc. active in the fields of futures studies are eligible. Please detail the institution’s experience in futures studies and research.

WFSF Annual Membership Fees

The Annual Membership fees payable by all members* vary depending on your membership type and income level of your country as defined by the World Bank. Choose your correct membership based on type of membership and your location/address. The application form will then show the correct fee for your membership.

Please kindly note that the WFSF does NOT use a calendar year for its renewal of membership but a Fiscal Year that begins on 1st July each year and ends on 30th June next year. If you apply close to the end of the fiscal year, we charge a prorated fee.

After 1st July, the full year Membership Renewal fee will be charged automatically via PayPal without further notice. You always have the option of cancelling the automatic PayPal charge in your PayPal account for the next year. 


The payment submitted during the application is considered the application fee and is non-refundable. 

Annual fees renewal date is 1st July.
Fees, at a glance, are as follows:

Country Income Category A B C
Euro Euro Euro
Full /Associate Member 75 50 25
Student Member 40 25 15
Institutional Member 250 200 125

For the list of countries falling in Groups A, B and C, please click here.

*In rare cases members in exceptional circumstances may be approved for a discounted rate. To apply for a discounted rate you must send a separate request and valid justification to the Secretariat via our contact form.
If your request is approved, you can apply and pay at the discounted rate, after approval.

Important: Before making inquiries about status of administrative processing, applicants should wait at least 15 calendar days from the date of submitting their applications.

Important: You should select your membership country category based on the country of residence and not the country of birth.

Membership Application

By membership application you are charged an amount according to how many days are left until July 1.
After July 1. you have an automatic renewal of the membership.

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